Video Production

In addition to being a skilled concert and commercial photographer, Casey Drahota also does video production. His work as a videographer includes all aspects of video production, including video shoots and post-production editing. Drahota can travel to your site for location shoots or do the shoot in his Kansas City, Missouri area studio.

Television and Film

Drahota can do your film and television production work. This includes b-roll footage for a variety of settings, including urban and suburban neighborhoods and city settings, rural landscapes, and concert settings. Footage like this is perfect for lifestyle imagery on the web, in presentations, and for use in television shows and films.


For retail product shoots, Drahota can produce these in his studio though location a shoot are possible with additional planning. This includes capturing product video for use in TV, web banners, and lifestyle video loops for use in presentations and consumer events.

Live Event

Live event shoots are Drahota’s specialty. These include simple consumer affairs, such as weddings, graduations, and community theater. It also includes corporate events like press conferences, seminars, and trade shows. And it can include public events, such as parades, campaign rallies, and ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Music Videos and Concerts

In addition to these live event shoots, Drahota also does concert and music related video production. This includes capturing video of a large concert, a studio rehearsal, or a free-form jam session in a club. For bands looking to shoot music videos, Drahota can accommodate this as well. This includes both lyric videos and full-production video releases.

For more information about Drahota’s commercial video production services, please contact us to discuss your project. You can also visit his YouTube channel for a detailed portfolio of Drahota’s video production work.

Video Production Examples