Commercial Photography


Casey Drahota specialises in all forms of commercial photography. This includes promotional photos such as retail products, celebrity press kits, and artwork for albums and CDs. In addition, Drahota does video production.


For product photography, your project can be handled in Drahota’s located outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Alternately, it can be done on location with some advance planning. This includes photos for retail catalogs and e-commerce sites, in-store retail signage, product sales materials, and other product collateral. This includes beauty images and photos of products with people for lifestyle imagery.

Album Artwork and Concert Posters

Album cover artwork and concert bill images (i.e.: concert posters) can be handled in-studio or on-site at your location. Promotional images for music products (albums, CDs, DVDs, etc.) include work with new photography, existing client owned photography, and images from stock photography libraries. When working with the later, Drahota will handle image selection and licensing and your behalf.

Publicity Photos

Creating publicity collateral, such as celebrity portraits, staged images, and press kit images typically involve more elaborate photo shoots. Drahota can do this in-studio or on location. He will manage the shoot, including planning, scheduling, and equipment.

Architecture and Attractions

Commercial photography for places, such as a resort, hotel, or restaurant, is obviously done on location. The only key requirement is access to the site. Drahota will work with you to identify the types of shots to be captured, such as the subject as a primary focus (such as a photo of a property for sale) or a lifestyle shoot, where the subject is captured as the setting for human activity. This is a common approach for subjects where the user experience is the focus, such as a college, fine dining, or an amusement park.

Drahota’s lengthy resume of commercial photography shoots gives him the experience needed to tackle both the simple and complex projects. Experience like this is invaluable when planning a photo shoot, whether the subject is a retail product, a place, or a person. Out-of-the-box thinking, guided by years of experience, allow Drahota to capture the right kind of image, one that will do your project justice while avoiding cliché images that are becoming commonplace today.

Projects can be handled in his studio or on-site at your facility. For more information, please contact Drahota with any questions.

Here is a small sample of Casey Drahota’s commercial photography work.