Ted Nugent and Derick St Holmes sharing the stage at Starlight Theater.

Ted Nugent has been shredding the music scene for nearly half a century. He began with Amboy Dukes in the mid 1960s, and over the past 50 years, Nugent has carved his distinctive guitar style into musical stone, building an expansive, solid fan base.

He’s sold over 30 million albums and has thousands of live performances under his belt. This influential rocker is a major character in the rock and roll history books, providing ample experience and classic songs for future generations to read about and listen to.

Ted Nugent live onstage in Kansas City.

Although rock history will clearly reflect Nugent’s prowess and success, he has never been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In response to a blog fan’s inquiry of “Why?” Nugent said that he is “unable to back off critical issues and play brain-dead politically correct games so that fools can continue their embarrassing denial of historical and current truth and evidence.” Boom! Rockers from the political left and right often include passionate political tirades into their live rock shows, whether planned or impromptu. After seeing Ted Nugent perform live more than a handful of times, I knew to expect the Motor City Madman’s political commentary at the May 10th, 2013 concert at Starlight Theater in Kansas City. He made his beliefs well known that night; his voice is just as loud as his guitar playing, and with way he wails on his instrument, that’s saying something. Whether you agree with Uncle Ted or not, Uncle Sam was founded upon freedom, and I believe that our freedom of speech must always be protected; however, I was there for the rock, not the talk, so onto the musical part of the review.

Ted Nugent and Derick St Holmes sharing the stage at Starlight Theater.

I was stoked to see that Derick St. Holmes was once again touring with The Nuge. St. Holmes provided the rock star vocals for “Stranglehold,” “Hey Baby,” “Just What the Doctor Ordered,” and many other top tracks. On May 10th Derick sounded great live, recreating the sound of Nugent’s classic hits and bringing back some of my favorite memories associated with those songs. Ted didn’t miss a note; he started with a bang, thundering on his Gibson with the stacks of Marshal amps flanking him dialed all the way up in his signature fashion. I enjoyed the show, although I have to admit that I missed the flaming arrows and swinging vines that were once a staple in any Nugent live show. The bottom line is, though, that his playing is out of this world, flames and vines or not. I will definitely see him again! Article co wrote by Emi Griess and Casey Drahota – all images © Casey Drahota

Derick St Holmes singing on stage at Starlight Theater in Kansas City


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