Brent Smith of Shinedown

Shinedown is a band that is at the top of their game. With four studio albums producing hits like “Crow and the Butterfly”, “Save Me”, “Second Chance”, “If You Only Knew” it is no wonder Shinedown has sold more than six million albums worldwide and fills huge venues wherever the play live. Bottom line, Shinedown always delivers a quality experience!

I first saw Shinedown in 2004 in Kansas City at 98.9 The Rock’s annual a Rock Fest. Shinedown was touring in support of the debut album Leave A Whisper which already had several charting songs like “Burning Bright” and the acoustic cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song “Simple Man” Brent Smith had an amazing voice capable of hitting and hold notes that most singers couldn’t dream of. I remember thinking Brent wouldn’t be able to continue to strain his voice like that and continue to still sound great however this many years later he would still be proving me wrong.

With supporting acts like Papa Roach, Skillet, In This Moment, We As Humans, Shinedown was the perfect headlining act for Carnival of Madness 2013. Carnival of Madness was in town in conjunction with Michael Ballard’s Throttle Fest and was a perfect fit. With large explosions, jumbotron screens with visually stimulating imagery, odd looking people twirling globes of fire, very intense lighting and a Steampunk themed set, I felt like I was watching Shinedown while standing next to Mel Gibson in the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. It all added up to an experience fitting of the name Carnival Of Madness and Throttle Fest Kansas City.

Shinedown took the Throttle Fest stage with energy and intensity and came out swinging for the entire 15 song set. Brent Smith proved to me that his voice is as good as it was back in 2004 belting out note after note with awesome power and incredible passion. Zach Myers (guitar and vocal) and Eric Bass (bass guitar and vocals) were tight and on point and incredible singers in the own right. Berry Kerch rounded out the foursome of amazing musicians by thundering away on the drums with a vengeance. Amazing songwriting, killer studio albums, fantastic musicians and top notch performances proves that Shinedown deserves to be right where they are, at the top!

Concert review and Rock Star Photography by Casey Drahota