Sevendust performing live at Rockfest Kansas City.

55,000 fans, 15 bands, and 12 hours of nonstop rock music? I will always jump at the chance to say, “Hell yeah I’m in!” to an opportunity like that. This face-melting experience is found every year in Kansas City, Missouri at Rockfest.

I’ve been a loyal Rockfest attendee for the past 10 years, and I absolutely LOVE this event! The past few Rockfests have been wet and cold (though that didn’t stop the musicians or the fans), so I was excited to see that the forecast for Rockfest 2013 was sunny and in the 70s. The weather was finally shaping up to be great, and the lineup was looking just as good! Sevendust and Lajon Witherspoon tearing up the Kansas City Rockfest stage.

One of the bands on the list was Sevendust. This group formed in the mid 90s, and they’re one of the few bands that can say they’ve kept the same bandmates for almost 2 decades. These guys have performed on countless stages together since the beginning; this accomplishment is even more impressive when you consider the non stop tour schedule that Sevendust is known for. Their type of constant travel and live performances are often the downfall of less rock solid bands. Another of Sevendust’s trademarks, and a very well-deserved one, is the incredible energy they bring to the stage in every performance. Sevendust NEVER mails it in!

Sevendust performing a live concert at the 2013 Kansas City Rockfest

Sevendust has 9 albums in their discography and has played thousands of live shows. Any level of success has been hard-earned by these persistent and talented rockers. Even after being taken advantage of by record labels, Sevendust prevailed, proving that they cannot be stopped. Throughout the years, they have continually built a loyal fan base. I’ve seen Sevendust perform live more than a handful of times, and the emotion and energy they transfer to their fans through their genuine performances is what has kept me listening and coming back for more. Given their current success and momentum, I fully expect Sevendust to continue to appear as one of the great headliners in future Rockfests. Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust on the MainStage at Rockfest Kansas City

We’ve often heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. No statement could be truer when it comes to photographing Sevendust! Frontman Lajon Witherspoon is a vocal powerhouse with a stage presence unlike any other. I once had the privilege of meeting Lajon; we only spoke for a few minutes, but I was able to see that he’s a genuinely nice guy. Guitarists Clint Lowery and John Connolly also give very strong live performances; they work the crowd with their high-energy playing and interaction with the fans. Morgan Rose is an animal on the drums; the appearance of his hair, some of the wildest I’ve seen, only adds to this animal demeanor. The combination of his looks and his playing made for some interesting rock photos. Bassist Vince Hornsby completes Sevendust, a tight band that makes every effort to transform each crowd into a pumped up group of Sevendust fans. I’m not gonna lie–it worked on me! Article co wrote by Emi Griess and Casey Drahota – images © Casey Drahota.

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