Sevendust acoustic Midland Theater Kansas City

It was Friday, March 24th of the year 2000 when I had my first taste of the band, Sevendust. They were the opening band for Creed in a sold out show in Ames, Iowa. I was not prepared for the heavy metal I was about to witness. Sevendust came on stage and proceeded to rip into a head banging heavy metal frenzy and instantly got everyone’s attention.

I remember thinking that Sevendust might have been a little bit heavy for me but I have followed their career from then on and have become a real fan.

I have had the good fortune to have photographed Sevendust once before. It was last year during Rockfest, 98.9 the Rock’s music festival in Kansas City, MO and Sevendust showed up ready to whip it’s ass! They performed an intense, no holds barred 50 minute set with emotion, heart and a whole lot of energy. I remember thinking to myself that I actually felt sorry for the band Seether who had to come out next and play on a stage that Sevendust had just dominated; I wouldn’t have wanted to follow that up.

This tour, Sevendust is changing up their show to promote their newly released acoustic album, “Time Travelers and Bonfires.”. I knew I was going to be covering the Kansas City show so I purchased “Time Travelers and Bonfires,” when it came out a few weeks ago so I could preview it before the show. Even before making my way through the entire album I knew Sevendust had put out a pretty great album but I was unable to turn, “Time Travelers and Bonfires” off, it is absolutely a fantastic album and by far one of the best albums I have purchased in a long time! Now, after listening to this album more than 20 times through I can say, “Sevendust has totally exceeded my expectations, this album is a work of art!”

With being so excited about the new acoustic release I was very excited to photograph their live show titled, “An Evening with Sevendust”. I’m always in awe of Lajon Witherspoon’s vocal range and raw power and how he brings such an enormous stage presence. I always love a band with enough talent that there is no need for a large elaborate stage setup and off the wall props; rather Sevendust just focused on bring a quality sound to an amazing show with little frills.

“An Evening with Sevendust,” was a 17 song set, split into two sets with a 20 minute intermission between the 11th and 12th song. As the band went to the intermission, the venue turned on the house lights so it appeared the show was over and I would say a 1/4 of the people in attendance left. I would guess those who left early probably weren’t very happy to find out Sevendust came back out and performed 6 more songs.

In summation, the new Sevendust release “Time Travelers and Bonfires,” is a stellar album that I can’t speak of highly enough. Their show, “An Evening with Sevendust” was fantastic and proved they can step out of their comfort zone and right into another comfort zone with ease. With an exceptional new album and live show, Sevendust has once again showed me that without a doubt they have what it takes to deliver the goods.

Concert review and Rock Star Photography by Casey Drahota