Papa Roach performing at Rockfest 2013 in Kansas City Mo.

Rockfest in Kansas City is a music festival that has been held every year for as long as I can remember. The festival is put on by local radio station, 98.9 the Rock and consists of 12 hours, 15 bands and around 60,000 people; it’s considered the largest one day music festival in America. Rain or shine, Rockfest Kansas City is an event to be experienced.

I love live music and a great music festival. I love going to see live music because it proves who has the talent to back up a stellar studio album; and performing a live concert also demonstrates what bands have talent and what bands just have a talented studio production! I hate nothing more than really getting into an album and being excited to see that band perform live, only to hardly recognize that band when seeing their live show. The band Papa Roach will not leave you with that experience!

I have been following Papa Roach for 10 years now and have seen them about every year since. Jacoby Shaddix is a like a mad man with an ass kicking mission while on stage! Jacoby Shaddix is a fire ball of take no prisoners energy that gets the crowd fired up, and I for one love it! When it comes to working the crowd nobody is better than Papa Roach. Jacoby’s energy is infectious and Papa Roach’s Rockfest KC set was fantastic as always.

Photographing Rockfest in Kansas City was a blast in 2013 due to shooting some amazing bands like Redline Chemistry, Sevendust, Seether, Halestorm, Device and Alice in Chains but it was the Papa Roach set that I enjoyed taking photographs of them the most and can’t wait to photograph them again soon!

Rock star photography by Casey Drahota