About Casey Drahota

Casey Drahota, professional photographer

Casey Drahota is a veteran professional photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri who specializes in concert photography, commercial photography (including press kits, album covers, celebrity portraits, and product photogrphy), and video production.

Drahota’s love affair with all things music started at a young age listening to his mother’s albums and 45s on her old Pioneer turntable. He listed to artists like Michael Jackson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, AC/DC, John Cougar, Def Leppard, and the like.

From my interest in music as a boy to my experience as a professional photographer shooting concerts, photography and music are my life. Getting a great shot of an amazing live performance and capturing the emotion on stage is exhilarating. I absolutely love it!
~ Casey Drahota

Live music and concerts have always been a passion of his. “It’s the emotion and excitement of a great live show the fuels my interest,” says Drahota. His interest in concert going intersects with another of his passions: professional photography. “Once I got my first taste of shooting a live concert, I was absolutely hooked!” Drahota has been shooting concerts and bands for many years now.

Drahota frequently travels nationally for assignments, including concerts, portraits, commercial photography, album cover artwork, and promotional photography. He is available for travel assignments or assignments produced locally in his studio outside of Kansas City, Missouri.

As a veteran professional photographer, Drahota is happy to use all Nikon pro equipment.

Professional Photographer services:

Commercial Photography:
Product photography. Album Artwork. Concert Posters. Architecture. Attractions. Live Events.

Concert Photography:
Concert Photography. Tour Photography. Festival Photography.

Video production services
Commercials for the web and television. Music Video. Concert Videos. B-Roll for consumer events and presentation. Private Events. Public Events. Corporate Events.

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