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Device| Rockfest Kansas City| May 11th, 2013

Device Rockfest Kansas City, MO Liberty Memorial Park May 11th, 2013 Have you ever been to Rockfest in Kansas City, MO? If the answer is yes, we’re already on the same page. If the answer is no, you’re severely missing out. Imagine 55,000 pumped up rock fans, 15 awesome bands, and 12 hours of musical madness. The description can’t compare to the experience, but I’m hoping this review will be enough to get you to Kansas City for the next Rockfest, because this hardcore music festival never disappoints. 2013 presented a great weather forecast (not always the case, although Rockfest goes on, rain or shine) and an equally stellar lineup. I was pumped to be taking pictures of some incredible musicians. [Show slideshow]

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Sevendust performing live at Rockfest Kansas City.

Sevendust| Rockfest Kansas City| May 11th, 2013

Sevendust, Rockfest Kansas City, MO Liberty Memorial Park May 11th, 2013 55,000 fans, 15 bands, and 12 hours of nonstop rock music? I will always jump at the chance to say, “Hell yeah I’m in!” to an opportunity like that. This face-melting experience is found every year in Kansas City, Missouri at Rockfest. I’ve been a loyal Rockfest attendee for the past 10 years, and I absolutely LOVE this event! The past few Rockfests have been wet and cold (though that didn’t stop the musicians or the fans), so I was excited to see that the forecast for Rockfest 2013 was sunny and in the 70s. The weather was finally shaping up to be great, and the lineup was looking just as good! One of the bands on the list was Sevendust. This group formed in the mid 90s, and they’re one of the few bands that can say they’ve kept the same bandmates for almost 2 decades. These guys have performed on countless stages together since the beginning; this accomplishment is even more impressive when you consider the non stop tour schedule that Sevendust is known for. Their type of constant travel and live performances are often the downfall of less rock solid bands. Another of Sevendust’s trademarks, and a very well-deserved one, is the incredible energy they bring […]

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Ted Nugent and Derick St Holmes sharing the stage at Starlight Theater.

Ted Nugent| Starlight Theater| May 10th 2013 Kansas City

Ted Nugent Starlight Theater, Kansas City, MO May 10th, 2013 Ted Nugent has been shredding the music scene for nearly half a century. He began with Amboy Dukes in the mid 1960s, and over the past 50 years Nugent has carved his distinctive guitar style into musical stone, building an expansive, solid fan base. He’s sold over 30 million albums and has thousands of live performances under his belt. This influential rocker is a major character in the rock and roll history books, providing ample experience and classic songs for future generations to read about and listen to. Although rock history will clearly reflect Nugent’s prowess and success, he has never been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In response to a blog fan’s inquiry of “Why?” Nugent said that he is “unable to back off critical issues and play brain-dead politically correct games so that fools can continue their embarrassing denial of historical and current truth and evidence.” Boom! Rockers from the political left and right often include passionate political tirades into their live rock shows, whether planned or impromptu. After seeing Ted Nugent perform live more than a handful of times, I knew to expect the Motor City Madman’s political commentary at the May 10th, 2013 concert at Starlight Theater in Kansas City. He made […]

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Hinder performing a live set during the Kansas City Throttle Fest as part of Michael Ballard and the Full Throttle Saloon experience.

Hinder| Michael Ballard’s Throttle Fest 2012 Kansas City.

Hinder “Full Throttle Saloon” presents “Throttle Fest Kansas City” Berkley Riverfront Park, Kansas City, MO August 24th, 2012   In 2012 and again in 2013 I had the extreme luck of being one of the few, the chosen­••an official Full Throttle Saloon photographer for owner Michael Ballard in Sturgis, South Dakota. Let me tell you, South Dakota plus Casey Drahota and tons of band photography equals a LOT of fun and some really entertaining rock portraits and commercial shots. At the end of a rockin’ week, the other photographer and I were asked to be part of Throttle Fest, a music festival designed to bring the Full Throttle Saloon Sturgis experiences to Kansas City, MO. The idea was simple but sure to succeed—tons of bikes, hot women, cold beer, and loud music from noon to two in the morning. My answer was a resounding “Yes!”Throttle Fest Kansas City 2012 included a talented performance by Hinder. I’ve always enjoyed Hinder’s energy as a band. You can’t help but get pumped up by the in­your­face tempo of their music, especially in songs like “Use Me,” one of my favorite numbers of all time, from their 2008 album “Take it to the Limit.” Hinder is a widely popular rock band; they’ve gotten tons of airplay with songs like “Lips of an Angel,” “Get […]

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Nice crowd taking in the Mike Zito and the Wheel set at the 2013 Blues From the Top music festival located in Winter Park, Colorado. 6/30/2013 © Casey Drahota

Blues From the Top 2013| Winter Park Colorado | June 27th-30th 2013

Blues From the Top Winter Park Colorado June 27th-30th 2013   I have always been a huge Blues music fan, Stevie Ray Vaughan started it for me back in the day. I was always fascinated by how Stevie could make noises come out of his guitar like very few others could do. Blues fan or not I don’t know how anyone could deny that he was absolutely amazing as a musician and a showman. Stevie and other great musicians who are no longer with us live on through other fine blues men and women and that was on display in a big way at the 2013 Blues From the Top. In 2013, Blues From the Top rolled out some of the best in Blues Music during the 4 day event held in the pristine mountains of Winter Park, Colorado. Its near impossible to attend a music festival in a setting more beautiful than Winter Park, I highly recommend attending the Blues From the Top music festival if you get the chance. With top acts like Rick Estrin and the Night Cats, the Mud Morganfield band with Kate Moss, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Kara Grainger, Joanne Shaw Taylor,  Albert Castiglia, Southern Hospitality, Sena Ehrhardt featuring Reese Wynans, the Zac Harmon Band, Lucky Peterson, Shawn Kellerman as well as Mike Zito and the […]

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Rockfest Kansas City main stage with Staind and Aaron lewis performing live.

Staind | Rockfest Kansas City | May 31st 2014

Staind Rockfest Kansas City May 31st, 2014 Well-known rock band Staind has been going strong for two decades. The group was formed in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1994. Lead singer Aaron Lewis plays rhythm guitar alongside lead guitarist Mike Mushok and bassist Johnny April. Jon Wysocki was the band’s drummer for 17 years until in 2011 Staind took on drummer Sal Giancarelli. They self-released their first album, Tormented, in ‘96. After Staind garnered the attention of rock artist Fred Durst of the band Limp Bizkit, the famous musician co-produced their label debut album, Dysfunction, which was released in ‘99. From 2001 to 2011 Staind released five more records, steadily developing their sound and style, pushing themselves as artists. The band then took a hiatus from the music scene from 2012 to 2014, so it was especially gratifying to photograph their live performance at Kansas City’s Rockfest this year. Aaron Lewis, talented front man of Staind, is one of my favorite live performers given his amazing voice–he is a skillful and dynamic vocal artist. I have taken in several of his live acoustic solo performances, and it is the type of show that I highly recommend seeing. Lewis is one of very few who can spend an hour and a half on stage with just a microphone and an acoustic guitar and […]

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Aaron Lewis of Staind performing at 98.9 the Rock's Rockfest 2014 located in downtown Kansas City.

Signs that you might be a Concert-Attending D-Bag.

  Aaron Lewis’s profanity-laced rant at Rockfest 2014, Kansas City’s famous all-day music festival, went absolutely viral after he called out male Rockfest goers for inappropriately touching what appeared to Aaron Lewis to be an underage crowd-surfing female. Aaron Lewis, frontman of the hard rock band Staind, stopped their set at 98.9 the Rock’s Rockfest to publicly humiliate the violators in front of the 50,000 plus others enjoying the rock show. My hat is off to Mr. Lewis for caring about his fans’ well-being and chastising those ungentlemen. We will from here on out label such disrespectful live-show-experience-ruiners as Concert-Attending D-Bags.   “Who qualifies as a Concert-Attending D-Bag?” you might be wondering. Fortunately, if you have to ask, there is a good chance that you are not one of the dreaded D-Bags. However, just in case you might be unknowingly wrecking live concerts or festivals for your fellow rockers, let me give you some of the signs that you might be, probably are, and definitely are one of the unwelcome Concert-Attending D-Bags. If you have done any of the following things, it is time to seriously reassess your show etiquette, also known as don’t-harass-others-while-you-enjoy-the-shrediquette.   WARNING: You might be a Concert-Attending D-Bag if…   …you weigh 200 pounds or more or are wearing hard soled combat boots and think it’s […]

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Papa Roach performing at Rockfest 2013 in Kansas City Mo.

Papa Roach | Rockfest Kansas City | May 11th 2013

Papa Roach Rockfest Kansas City May 11th 2013 Rockfest in Kansas City is a music festival that has been held every year for as long as I can remember. The festival is put on by local radio station, 98.9 the Rock and consists of 12 hours, 15 bands and around 60,000 people; it’s considered the largest one day music festival in America. Rain or shine, Rockfest Kansas City is an event to be experienced. I love live music and a great music festival. I love going to see live music because it proves who has the talent to back up a stellar studio album; and performing a live concert also demonstrates what bands have talent and what bands just have a talented studio production! I hate nothing more than really getting into an album and being excited to see that band perform live, only to hardly recognize that band when seeing their live show. The band Papa Roach will not leave you with that experience! I have been following Papa Roach for 10 years now and have seen them about every year since. Jacoby Shaddix is a like a mad man with an ass kicking mission while on stage! Jacoby Shaddix is a fire ball of take no prisoners energy that gets the crowd fired up, and I for one […]

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Sevendust acoustic Midland Theater Kansas City

Sevendust | Midland Theater Kansas City | April 24th 2014

Sevendust- Midland Theater- April 25th, 2014- Kansas City, MO- It was Friday, March 24th of the year 2000 when I had my first taste of the band, Sevendust. They were the opening band for Creed in a sold out show in Ames, Iowa. I was not prepared for the heavy metal I was about to witness. Sevendust came on stage and proceeded to rip into a head banging heavy metal frenzy and instantly got everyone’s attention. I remember thinking that Sevendust might have been a little bit heavy for me but I have followed their career from then on and have become a real fan. I have had the good fortune to have photographed Sevendust once before. It was last year during Rockfest, 98.9 the Rock’s music festival in Kansas City, MO and Sevendust showed up ready to whip it’s ass! They performed an intense, no holds barred 50 minute set with emotion, heart and a whole lot of energy. I remember thinking to myself that I actually felt sorry for the band Seether who had to come out next and play on a stage that Sevendust had just dominated; I wouldn’t have wanted to follow that up. This tour, Sevendust is changing up their show to promote their newly released acoustic album, “Time Travelers and Bonfires.”. I knew I […]

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Train at Starlight Theater

Train | Starlight Theater Kansas City | July 20th 2013

Train- Starlight Theater- Kansas City Mo- July 20th 2013- Train is one of those bands that have a lot of really good songs. Even though I don’t really care much for pop music I consider myself a big fan of Train. I first stumbled upon Train with their live music dvd “Midnight Moon” back in 2001 or 2002 and was absolutely amazed with frontman Pat Monahan’s voice. His range and ability to hold notes was just amazing! Trains cover of the Led Zeppelin song “Ramble on” is absolutely amazing, absolutely one of the best cover songs I have ever heard, I was instantly a fan! I have seen Train perform live many times over the years and have always very much enjoyed their performances. With hits to perform like “Drops of Jupiter”, “Free”, “Calling all Angels”, “Meet Virginia” and “Hey Soul Sister” just to name a few, Train has a large catalog of music to perform live. Every time I have seen Train perform they have always put on a real solid performance, Pat’s vocals are always just phenomenal! Even though I can’t say that I and super excited about Trains latest music I did find myself excited to see them as it had been more than 5 years since my last Train show. I was very curious to see […]

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